9 Ways To Fix Shark Robot Vacuum Charging Issues.

The Shark Robot Vacuum cleaner is one of the most helpful smart home devices that you can rely on to clean your hard floors and carpets.

This device will clean the floor of your home without you having to intervene, which can be very useful if you suffer from a lack of time or if you do not like to do household chores.

The Shark robot vacuum cleaner is autonomous, so when the battery is low the gadget returns to the base station, recharges itself, and then picks up where it left off.

The problem that many people face is that sometimes they notice that the robot is not charging, then they wonder why and what to do to fix this issue.

There are many reasons that can prevent your Shark robot battery from charging, such as outdated firmware, dirty charging pins, damaged battery, impair power cable or a faulty wall outlet.

Ways To Fix Shark Robot Vacuum Charging Issues.

So, as we have already mentioned in the previous section, there is more than one cause that can prevent your battery from charging. Don’t worry in the next chapters I will walk you through the solutions you can implement to deal with this problem.

Solution 1: Update The Firmware.

Firmware is an essential part of your robot, it is the software that is responsible for giving instructions to the device to do its job.

This firmware is periodically updated by the manufacturer to keep their vacuum cleaner running smoothly and to avoid all the potential issues that the gadget may face such as the charging issue.

So, if the firmware is not updated then this can be the root cause that triggers the charging issue, so make sure to update it and update the Shark app as well.

Solution 2: Turn On The Shark Robot.

The Shark robot vacuum cleaner has an on/off button on the side and it is responsible for powering the device and letting it do its job.

This button also needs to be enabled to allow you to control the robot remotely and be able to charge it when it is on the base station, so if you notice that your robot is not charging or returning to the base station automatically go and turn on this button as it can be the source of the problem.

Solution 3: Clean The Charging Pins.

The Shark robot vacuum has two metal contact pins designed to fit against two metal plates on the charging dock, the robot relies on the connection between these two parts to get the power needed to charge the battery.

Any dirt or dust on these pins can block this connection and prevent the device from getting electricity to recharge its battery, so make sure to clean these pins periodically to avoid this kind of problem.

Note: Use a soft microfiber cloth to clean these pins to avoid scratches while cleaning.

Solution 4: Reboot The Robot and The Base Station.

Restarting your Shark vacuum will help it run smoothly and efficiently, it can also fix peripheral and hardware issues, which can be a solution for your device when it’s not charging.

All you have to do to restart your robot is turn it off from the side ON/OFF button, wait a few seconds (30-60 seconds), then turn it back on.

You can also restart the charging station if restarting the robot did not solve the problem. To restart it, you must unplug it from the wall outlet, wait a few seconds, and then plug it back in.

Solution 5: Check The Wall Outlet and The Power Adapter.

A faulty wall socket will not supply the right amount of power to charge your robot and if the electrical surge supplied by the socket is so high, it can completely damage your robot.

So try plugging your charging station into another outlet and see if it’s back to work and the problem is with the outlet.

If the outlet works fine and the charging station still does not work, try plugging it in with another power adapter, as sometimes the problem occurs due to a damaged power adapter.

Solution 6: Reset The Shark Vacuum.

A factory reset is commonly used when people are having issues with their electronic device, this process will help the Shark robot fix existing issues and may allow your battery to recharge another time.

Here’s how to reset the Shark Robot Vacuum from the app:

  1. Open the SharkClean app on your mobile or tablet.
  2. Then go to Settings and click on the Factory Reset option.
  3. The Shark robot will restore itself to its factory settings. (The procedure can take a few minutes).

and here’s how to reset it manually:

  1. Locate the POWER switch on the side of the Shark robot.
  2. Switch the POWER switch to OFF.
  3. Wait for at least 10 seconds before turning the Shark robot back on.
  4. The Shark robot has been rebooted.

Solution 7: Change The Battery.

Sometimes your battery won’t charge and there is no problem with your robot or base station, the only problem is with the battery itself because after using it for a long time and charging it many times it will lose performance and will need to be replaced.

You can buy this battery from the Shark Clean Store or on a marketplace like Amazon or Walmart.

Solution 8: Replace The Charging Dock.

The charging station is an essential part of your robot vacuum and it can also be damaged over time or it can be affected by strong electrical surges. Fortunately, this charging station can be replaced and you can buy it separately in the Shark store or on Amazon.

Solution 9: Contact The Technical Support.

The last solution that you can do if all the previous ones didn’t solve your problem and your Shark vacuum cleaner is still not charging is to contact Shark technical support or take your device to a technician to repair it.

Final Thoughts.

Finally, I want to say that all the robot vacuum cleaners on the market can have problems not only with the Shark vacuum cleaner but with some technical knowledge, you can fix it and enjoy countless features to improve comfort and increase convenience inside your home.

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