5 steps to fix Google Nest Hub that keeps restarting.

Nest Hub
Nest Hub

Google Nest Hub is a smart display that was made by Google for different purposes such as controlling your intelligent home devices, browsing the internet, listening to podcasts and audiobooks, watching videos, making calls, getting the news and weather forecast, setting timers and alarms, and more.

Several users recently reported that their Google Nest Hub is experiencing several random restarts, This issue makes it impossible to use the device, which can adversely affect the user experience.

So how to fix this issue and get the gadget back to work? You can troubleshoot your Nest Hub that restarts randomly by updating the firmware, moving it to another power outlet, using the original power adapter, power cycle or resetting the device.

How do I troubleshoot Google Nest Hub that keeps restarting?

Now we know that there are some tips you can do to solve the random restart problem, so let’s take a step-by-step and detailed look at the solutions to put in place to get your Nest Hub working again.

Step 1: Update the firmware.

The software installed in this gadget is updated regularly by Google to ensure that it works smoothly and efficiently as well as to fix all the issues that already exist in the device including the random reboot issue that you are facing.

Here’s how to check the firmware version you’re using:

  1. Open the Google Home app on your phone or tablet (Your phone or tablet needs to be in the same network as the Nest Hub).
  2. Tap on the smart display you want to check.
  3. Then tap on Settings (The gear icon at the top right corner of the screen).
  4. Scroll to the bottom and you’ll find the firmware that your display is using.

Generally speaking the smart display update itself automatically and there’s no button to do it manually, but there’s a little trick to ensure that the device gets the last update, it’s by unplugging your Google Nest Hub, and waiting for 30 seconds and plugging it back in. This will force the display to reconnect to your network and thus look for any new update.

Step 2: Move to another outlet.

The wall outlet has an important role in providing a sufficient amount of electricity to your device and when the power outlet is faulty you can run into many problems such as constant restarts.

So if you find that the outlet is very hot, or you smell smoke or see a spark in the outlet try to plug the AC adapter of your display in another socket and see if it’s back to work.

You can take a multimeter to check the voltage of your power outlets to verify there is no issue with that.

Step 3: Use the original power adapter.

Giving the right amount of power to your Nest Hub is essential for it to work perfectly and by providing less power, the gadget will not be able to function properly and it will encounter problems such as random restarts.

And the best way to ensure a stable power supply to your smart display is to plug in the original AC adapter that came with your device box when you first bought it (15W or 30W AC adapter), this way you will make sure that the voltage between the charger and the gadget match.

Step 4: Reset the Nest Hub.

Keep this troubleshooting step as the last solution when all the previous one doesn’t work, a factory reset help to fix software bugs and errors with the operating system.

Here’s how to reset your Google Nest Hub: On the back of Nest Hub, press and hold both volume buttons together for about 10 seconds. Your Nest Hub will let you know that it’s resetting.

Important: It’s impossible to use your voice or the Google Home app to factory reset Nest Hub.

Step 5: Contact customer support.

If you tried all the solutions we talked about in this article and you find that no one of them has resolved the restarting issue, go and contact Google customer support for further assistance, maybe the problem is universal or you are experiencing a special problem in the Nest Hub hardware.

Bottom line.

The Google Nest Hub is a device that provides a lot to its users and the restarting issue can damage the user experience, so we hope we have helped you to solve this problem.

Adam B