How To Fix Google Home Not Working After A Power Outage?

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While searching for common issues people face with their home devices, I noticed that a significant number of users are looking for solutions to their Google Home that stops working after a power outage.

Let me first say that your Google Home may stop working after a power outage due to various reasons such as network problems, a damaged power adapter, software issues, or a problem inside the outlet.

And my main goal in this blog post is to help you solve this issue and get your Google Home back to work by showing you all the tips and tricks I know.

So keep reading.

How To Fix Google Home Not Working After a Power Outage?

In the next parts of this article, I’ll show you 7 different solutions that you can use whenever your Google Home has stopped working after a power outage.

I know many of you aren’t tech savvy so let me tell you that the tips I’m going to give you are easy to use and I’ll do my best to keep them as simple as possible so that everyone can understand.

One: Power Cycle The Device.

The first tip I suggest you do is to power cycle your Google Home, this trick is recommended in almost all of our troubleshooting articles due to its ease of implementation and high success rate in resolving common problems.

A power cycle process will help fix internal bugs and errors that can be the real cause of your Google Home not working.

All you have to do to implement this trick is unplug your device’s power adapter from the outlet and wait for 1 or 2 minutes, then plug it back in.

Two: Move To Another Outlet.

Plugging your Google Home device into a different power outlet is also a good idea to try when you notice that it has stopped working after a power outage.


Because sometimes when the power comes back to your network, the voltage can be higher than the ideal amount and if the voltage is too high, it can potentially cause damage to your outlet.

So try plugging your Google Home device into another socket and see if it is back to work, if so then the issue is with the outlet and if the problem still persists then move on to the next solution.

Note: You can use a multimeter to measure the voltage inside your wall socket (a properly functioning outlet will read 110-120 volts).

Three: Fix Connectivity Issues.

Network connectivity issues are another potential cause of our problem. It’s not uncommon for our gadgets to lose their internet connection when power is restored.

One of the main reasons that lead to connectivity issues is the router. All you have to do here is reboot the router by simply unplugging the power cable from the wall for 1 minute and then plugging it back in.

You can also try other solutions like reconnecting your Google Home to your network, reducing the wifi frequency or resetting the router.

Four: Check The Power Adapter.

Google Home relies on its power adapter to convert the AC power from the wall outlet to the DC power needed to run the gadget.

One of the most common things that can damage this power adapter and therefore cause your Google Home to stop working is high power surges.

The only solution you have here is to buy a new power adapter, the company sells this type of adapter and you can find them on Amazon or directly on Google Store, their price can go up to 35 dollars.

Five: Reset The Gadget.

A factory reset can be a good tip to use in order to fix your Google Home device as it can fix many software bugs and errors that are preventing the gadget from working properly.

This process will also erase any corrupted data that may be causing the problem and give the operating system a fresh boot.

However, it’s important to note that this process will delete all user data, including preferences and settings, so you’ll have to configure everything from scratch.

Here is a detailed guide that shows you different instructions on how to reset your Google Home device depending on the model you have.

Six: Ask For Support.

The last thing we recommend you do if all the previous solutions didn’t work for you is to contact Google’s customer support team or seek help from a repair technician who can help you identify and solve the problem quickly and efficiently.

The Bottom Line.

The tips mentioned in this article are so useful and you can try them whenever your Google Home device is facing an issue after a power outage.

And if you encounter the same problem over and over again, it’s highly recommended that you seek the help of a technician to determine if the main cause is coming from the hardware.

Adam B