9 Tips To Reconnect August Lock To Bluetooth.

August Lock is a device that many people buy to improve front door security and add some convenience to their home and know who is entering their property and when the door was opened.

This lock offers two ways to connect using your phone, the first one is through Wi-Fi and the second is via Bluetooth. Many users have reported that sometimes they can’t connect via Bluetooth and want to understand why and what’s the solution for that.

It is normal for a device to lose connection to Bluetooth, this happens with all kinds of gadgets not just August Lock and there are many causes that trigger this issue including low battery, radio frequency interference, mobile being out of Bluetooth range or outdated firmware.

Solutions To Reconnect August Lock To Bluetooth.

So our role in the following sections of this article is to show you all the solutions you can put in place in order to reconnect the August Lock to Bluetooth without the help of a technician.

Tip 1: Stay in the Bluetooth range.

To benefit from the Bluetooth connection, you need to be within its range, and that range can be around 30 feet (10 meters). This distance may be reduced if there are many obstacles between you and the device such as walls, metals, a person, etc.

Tip 2: Make sure the Bluetooth is ON.

To control your August lock with your smartphone or tablet via a Bluetooth connection, you must ensure that Bluetooth is activated on these devices.

All you have to do is access the settings of the mobile or tablet, then choose Bluetooth and activate the Bluetooth connection. Try to control your lock with your phone and see if it is back to work, if not proceed to the next solution.

Tip 3: Check your mobile & the August Lock battery.

A low mobile battery can affect your Bluetooth connection and prevent the lock from connecting to your phone, so you should check the mobile battery whenever you have connection problems and recharge it if necessary.

Additionally, all August locks rely on batteries to operate and weak or dead batteries can cause Bluetooth connection issues, so be sure to replace the batteries in the lock if it’s required.

Tip 4: Update the firmware.

We always talk about the importance of firmware in smart home devices and how they can be the cause of many problems if they’re not updated.

The August company periodically releases firmware updates to fix security bugs and performance issues, if you notice that the firmware is not updated then this may be the cause of your Bluetooth connectivity issues.

So make sure to update the firmware and the August app to keep your device running smoothly.

Tip 5: Reduce radio frequency interference.

Interference occurs when unwanted radio frequency signals disrupt the connection between your August lock and your mobile phone.

So when the August lock connects to your mobile or tablet via Bluetooth communication protocol they need to be away from interfering gadgets that operate on the same frequency channel such as Microwave ovens, Wireless Wi-Fi speakers, and neighboring Bluetooth gadgets.

Tip 6: Reboot your smartphone.

There are several reasons why you are supposed to restart your phone or tablet including memory conservation, preventing crashes, running smoother, and extending battery life.

So if you’re controlling your August lock from a mobile or tablet and you’re having Bluetooth connectivity issues, try restarting them to fix the problem.

Tip 7: Power cycle your August Lock.

Power cycling your August lock should also be on your list of tips you can try to deal with Bluetooth connectivity issues, this process can help the lock recover from an unresponsive state and easily reconnect to your phone.

To power cycle your August lock you need to open the lock remove the batteries, wait for 30 to 60 seconds and then put back the batteries and connect your door lock.

Tip 8: Reset the August lock.

A factory reset is also a good solution to try when you are dealing with Bluetooth connectivity issues, this process can be effective in fixing your lock and getting it back to work.

Note: The downside of this method is that it erases all guest and owner data from your device and also removes the lock from any owner or guest keychains that it is affiliated with.

Here’s how to reset it:

  1. Launch the August App and go to the lock circle screen (the screen that shows you whether your door is locked or unlocked).
  2. Tap on the gear setting icon.
  3. Choose the lock you want to reset.
  4. Scroll down to factory reset.
  5. Click on “Reset Lock”.

Tip 9: Fix the hardware issues.

If all the previous solutions failed to solve your Bluetooth connectivity problem, there may be a problem with the hardware, here I recommend that you take your device to a technician who has more experience to handle the problem, or you can contact customer support if your device is still under warranty.

Final Words.

Finally, I hope the article was helpful to you and I recommend that you take it as a guide whenever your August Lock is having Bluetooth connectivity issues.

Adam B