Blink Camera Not Recording? – Easy Tips To Fix It.

Blink camera
Blink camera

Blink camera is used by many people to enhance security, this device starts recording when motion is detected and then it sends the clips to the user via its app.

What bothers users is that sometimes this camera suddenly stops recording, which prevents them from receiving the clips and seeing what is happening at home.

There are many reasons behind this problem including connectivity issues, issues in device settings, drained battery or expired cloud subscription.

In this article, we’re going to see how to fix all these problems and make your Blink camera record normally as before.

Important: In this post, we’re not going to discuss why the cam stops recording locally on an SD card, so if this is the cause of your problem, we invite you to read this article: “10 Ways To Fix Blink Local Storage It’s Not Working”.

How Do I Fix Blink Camera Not Recording?

So, we have prepared 9 solutions that you can try in order to fix the Blink camera recording issue.

What I suggest is to test the recording function after each implemented solution and I’m sure that one of them will work with you.

Solution 1: Arm The Blink System.

When you first set up the Blink camera, the system is disarmed by default, some of you also tend to manually disarm the system when they’re home.

When the system is disarmed, it means that all of your Blink security gadgets, including your camera, will stop detecting motion and recording clips.

So go to the Blink Monitor app and arm your system by tapping Armed at the bottom center of the home screen.

Solution 2: Enable Motion Detection.

After arming the system, two icons appear at the top of your camera’s view on the home screen.

The first is a solid color running man, which indicates that the camera is active, it is used to turn motion detection on and off for that specific camera.

Make sure that the running man indicates a solid blue color which means the camera is active and it is actively watching for motion.

Go to camera settings and make sure that the motion detection and motion recording features are enabled.

The second is the Snooze icon a gray outline in the shape of a bell with a smaller letter Z, it allows you to turn on and off the alert function when a new motion is detected.

It is up to you whether you want to enable or disable the alerts feature.

Solution 3: Increase Motion Sensitivity.

If the problem persists after trying the previous solutions, it may be due to the sensitivity level of your security camera.

When the motion sensitivity level is too low, the Blink Cam will have difficulty detecting movement around the house and therefore will not record.

So, go to your camera settings and check the sensitivity level, if it is too low then I would recommend increasing it and test if your device is back to recording.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open The Blink Monitor app.
  2. On the Home screen, tap the settings slider next to the camera you want to adjust.
  3. Scroll down to Sensitivity and move the slider a small distance toward H, for high.

Note: Do not move the slider too much towards “high” to avoid receiving too many ineffective motion alerts.

Solution 4: Fix Connectivity Issues.

Our fourth tip in our article is to check the internet connection.

Your Blink camera records and stores its clips on the cloud, and for this, it needs the presence of an Internet connection.

The camera will also need to be connected to the internet in order to send you alerts and notifications when motion is detected and recorded.

We understand that the internet is required for your Blink camera to record and store these recordings in the cloud.

So go and check if there are any connectivity issues preventing the device from doing its job properly.

I have already written a wonderful article to help you fix all your Blink camera connectivity issues and you can check it here.

Solution 5: Renew Your Cloud Subscription.

As we mentioned earlier, your Blink camera will store videos recorded when motion is detected on the cloud.

So when the cloud subscription expires, your device will not find a place to store its recordings.

Note: Here I’m not talking about those who use the SD card to store their clips locally.

In this case, the only solution is to renew your subscription to restore the recording functionality, otherwise, you have to rely on an SD card to store them locally.

Solution 6: Update Your Camera’s Firmware.

Firmware is made up of programs written by software developers to operate the Blink camera.

When the firmware is impacted, the operation of the device will be affected.

So the firmware is very important and for that, the manufacturer regularly releases new updates for it to work properly.

If your Blink camera firmware isn’t updated, problems will occur, including recording issues, so be sure to update whenever a new version is released.

Note: Also make sure to update the Blink Monitor app to avoid this kind of issue.

Solution 7: Don’t Let The Blink Camera Exposed To Extreme Sunlight.

Blink cameras have an operating temperature range of -4° to 113°F (-20° to 45°C), while Blink Indoor (gen 1 and 2) and Mini cameras can operate over a range of 32° at 95°F (0° to 35°C).

Beyond that, the service may degrade in quality and you may encounter issues like the one we discuss in this article.

So make sure to place your device in a place where it does not exceed its temperature range.

Also, be sure not to place your camera under the sun, as when pointed directly at the sunlight it can suffer damage, especially when the sun is at its highest point.

Solution 8: Replace Your Camera Battery.

According to Blink, their outdoor camera’s battery can last for up to 2 years, based on 5,882 seconds of Live View, 43,200 seconds of motion-activated recording and 4,788 seconds of Live View with two-way talk.

When the battery is too low and the camera isn’t getting the right amount of power to do its job, problems occur, including recording issues.

You can monitor the battery level in the Blink app, on the Camera Settings, the Battery strength indicator is either OK or Needs Replacement.

Solution 9: Reset The Blink Cam.

The last solution in this post is to reset your Blink cam, this process can be helpful in fixing your malfunctioning device and keeping it running smoothly.

This solution may allow your camera to record again, but keep in mind that all your settings and preferences will be removed from the Blink app.

Here’s how to reset the Blink Mini camera:

  1. Pick a paperclip or a needle.
  2. Press and hold the reset button for more than 5 seconds.
  3. A red and blue light will flash rapidly shortly before the button is released.
  4. The blue light will then slowly blink, which indicates the camera is ready to be added to a system.

To reset the outdoor cam you need to reset the Sync Module and here’s how to do it:

  1. Locate the reset button at the side of this hub next to the USB port.
  2. Pick a needle or a paperclip and press and hold the reset button for 5 seconds.
  3. Then go delete and reinstall it again on the Blink app


That’s all I have for you regarding Blink camera recording issues, you can also contact customer support or take your device to an expert if you can’t fix the problem yourself.

Adam B