Wyze Camera & Google Home (Integration Guide).

Integrating your smart devices with Google Home is a great way to increase comfort inside your home and make it easier to control your gadgets.

Manufacturers have therefore put extra effort into making their devices compatible with Google Home to make them more appealing to the buyer.

Wyze Camera is one of the most popular smart home cameras, its features attract many people, but homeowners also want to know if they can integrate it with Google Home.

Absolutely, Wyze Camera can work with Google Home without any problem, and you can control the cam through multiple devices such as your smartphone, tablet, Google smart speaker, or Google Nest Hub.

In the following chapters of this blog post, we will see how to connect the Wyze camera to Google Home and teach you more about how to use it.

How To Connect Wyze Camera To Google Home?

Now let’s move on to the steps and instructions needed to connect your Wyze camera to Google Home, and for that, you first need to set up your camera, download the Google Home app, and create an account.

So, after implementing all the previous steps, follow the next instructions to connect Wyze cam to the Home app:

  1. Launch the Google Home app on your mobile or tablet.
  2. Tap on the “+” icon in the top left corner.
  3. Then select ”Set up device”.
  4. Tap “Set up new devices”.
  5. Go to the search bar and tap “Wyze Home”.
  6. Sign in to your Wyze account.
  7. The “Choose device” tab will appear, choose your camera to complete integration.

After that I recommend going to the Google Home app and disabling the Do Not Disturb Mode in order to receive notifications when the cam detects motion, you can do it by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Google Home app.
  2. Choose your speaker or display.
  3. Then go to Settings and choose Notifications & digital wellbeing, then Do not disturb.
  4. Turn off the Do not disturb mode.

Voice Commands To Control Wyze Cam With Google Home.

The voice command feature is one of the most important functions offered by Google Home and many people will rely on it when they complete the integration.

So here are some voice commands that you can rely on in order to control your Wyze cam via your voice:

To view your camera’s Live stream:

  • “Google, show me (camera name) on the Living room TV”
  • “Hey Google, show my (camera name) on the Nest Hub”
  • “OK Google, show the (camera name) on the tablet”

To stop viewing your camera’s Live stream:

  • “Hey Google, stop”

To check if your camera is on:

  • “OK Google, is (camera name) on?”

To turn on your camera:

  • “Google, turn on (camera name)”

Change The Wyze Cam Name on Google Home.

As we saw in the previous section when you trigger a voice command, you must say the name of the camera, so if you have several cameras, you must give each a specific name in order to avoid confusion.

Here are the steps to follow to change the device name:

  1. Open the Google Home app.
  2. Choose the Shark Robot you want to edit.
  3. At the top right corner, tap Settings.
  4. Then Device information and then Device name.
  5. Enter a new name and tap Save.

Google Compatible Devices From Which You Can Control The Wyze Camera.

The following devices are the ones you can rely on to manage your Wyze Camera via Google Assistant:

  1. Nest Hub (smart display).
  2. Nest Hub Max (smart display).
  3. Chromecast.
  4. IOS and Android phones and tablets.
  5. Nest Audio (smart speaker).
  6. Chromebook.
  7. Google Home mini (smart speaker).
  8. laptop (through Bluestack software).

Bottom Line.

Integrating the Wyze Smart Camera with Google Home will help you increase convenience when controlling the device, especially for people who find the mobile app complicated to use.

I hope that this blog post was helpful to you and you can always visit other articles to get more information about smart security devices.

Adam B