How to Fix Amazon Thermostat Reading Wrong Temperature?

Amazon thermostat
Amazon thermostat

The Amazon thermostat has built-in sensors to measure the ambient temperature and it’ll then use the average reading to keep a comfortable environment.

The accuracy of this measurement is essential for the thermostat to properly manage your HVAC system.

Otherwise, you will feel like the temperature is higher or lower than you want it to be and this will lead to an uncomfortable environment.

I noticed that many users are searching for that so in this article, I’ll show you what to do when your Amazon thermostat reads the wrong temperature.

Check The Accuracy Of Your Thermostat Sensors.

Before jumping into the solutions that repair your device, you must first make sure that the temperature read by the thermostat is wrong.

And for that, you have to use another tool to measure the ambient temperature and then compare it with that read by the Amazon thermostat.

We suggest that you use a thermometer to check your home temperature, then compare it with the temperature indicated by the thermostat.

If you notice a big difference (above 3°C) it means your device needs some troubleshooting.

How To Fix Amazon Thermostat Reading Wrong Temperature?

In the following sections, I’ll give you different solutions that will help you understand why your device is not measuring temperature accurately and what to do to fix it.

Note: Don’t forget to be sure that your thermostat is properly connected as this is essential for its operation. You can read this post if you notice that the device is dealing with connectivity issues.

Tip 1: Keep Your Amazon Thermostat Away From Heat.

If your thermostat sensor is reading a higher temperature than the thermometer is reading, it could be due to poor placement.

What does that mean?

Placing your Amazon thermostat in an area where it gets direct sunlight causes it to sense a higher temperature inside your home.

Not only the sunlight lead to higher readings but also the kitchen or appliances like the heater, and air vents lead to similar results.

So make sure to place your device away from heat sources so that the sensors can work properly.

Note: You can check this if your device isn’t heating “7 Ways to fix Amazon Thermostat Not Heating”.

Tip 2: Keep Your Thermostat Away From Cool Air.

The second cause of a false temperature reading is exposure to cold air, this will result in lower readings than the thermometer results.

What should I do here?

I recommend not leaving your thermostat exposed to the air conditioner and making sure to close the window so the cool air can’t affect the sensors.

Placing your Amazon Thermostat in the right place is mandatory to get the best results and avoid poor performance that creates an uncomfortable environment.

Tip 3: Update The Thermostat Firmware.

The Amazon thermostat firmware is responsible for providing basic instructions that allow hardware to operate and communicate with other devices, and perform basic input/output tasks.

The manufacturer guarantees the proper functioning of this firmware by regularly releasing new updates to ensure its proper functioning.

If your device is reading the wrong temperature, it could be due to bugs and errors that are caused by outdated firmware.

So make sure to update your thermostat as soon as an update is released.

Tip 4: Reset The Device.

The next thing to do is to reset your thermostat, this will bring the device back to its original factory settings, known to fix internal software errors.

The only thing you should consider with this solution is that it will erase all settings and preferences and you’ll have to start over to let the thermostat work the way you want.

Here are the steps to follow to reset your thermostat:

  1. On the Smart Thermostat, press the Up Temperature, Down Temperature, and Mode buttons together for 10 seconds until rEs appears on the display.
  2. Press and hold the Mode button for 5 seconds, until the device resets.

Tip 5: Take Your Device To a Technician.

If all the previous solutions didn’t give you any results, so the source of the problem may be within the hardware.

In this case, I recommend that you take your thermostat to a technician so that he can repair it because he has more experience with this type of device.

A technician can tell you if a part needs to be replaced or if the device or sensor is damaged.

Tip 6: Claim For Warranty.

The last solution in our article is to claim the warranty, you can do this if your thermostat is completely damaged and it is still under warranty.

The Amazon Thermostat is backed by a one-year limited warranty and service included.

If the warranty period hasn’t yet expired, contact the support team so they can determine if it is repairable or replaceable.


As we have seen in this blog post, there are many reasons why your Amazon smart thermostat is reading the temperature inaccurately. So make sure to read this article carefully to try to determine which solution works for you.

Adam B