7 Ways To Fix Amazon Thermostat Not Heating.

The Amazon thermostat has a direct link to your furnace, so changes to the thermostat will immediately trigger a furnace to lower or raise the temperature or turn it on or off.

Sometimes you may notice that your Amazon thermostat is not heating (many users have encountered this issue) and it could be due to many reasons.

Your thermostat may stop heating due to an error in the device’s software, an issue with the wiring or the furnace being off or needing maintenance.

I’ve done deep research to figure out how to fix this problem and get your thermostat working like it used to, so keep reading to get the answers.

How To Fix Amazon Smart Thermostat Not Heating?

As promised in the previous chapter, we have prepared many solutions that you can try to make your Amazon thermostat heat your home like before.

Solution 1: Make Sure The Furnace is ON.

The first thing I recommend checking when the thermostat isn’t heating is if your furnace is being turned off.

When you activate heating mode on your Amazon thermostat, heat will come from your furnace and start raising the temperature inside the house.

So go check the furnace switch if you notice it is off, makes sure to turn it on as this may be the root cause of your problem.

Sometimes, even when you find that the switch is on, the furnace doesn’t work, in this case, reset the furnace by turning it off and on from the circuit breaker panel.

Solution 2: Check The Temperature Set

Make sure that the temperature set in the thermostat is for heating, you can do this by checking it on the screen of the device or on its mobile app.

Test if the temperature set is accurate by using a small thermometer. Here’s how to do it:

Place a paper towel behind the thermometer and tape it on the wall and compare the reading on the thermometer to your thermostat.

If your readings are three or fewer degrees apart, the temperature is relatively accurate.

If the thermostat is showing the wrong temperature you can read this article to fix it: “How to Fix Amazon Thermostat Reading Wrong Temperature?”

Solution 3: Keep Your Amazon Thermostat Away From Heat.

The Thermostat relies on its sensors to measure the room’s temperature and then based on this data it will run the heater at a specific temperature.

If the device is installed in a place where it will be exposed to the sun for several hours a day, this will cause it to read a higher temperature.

As a result, the thermostat will run your HVAC system at a lower temperature, which may make your home feel cooler than normal.

So be sure to find a good location for your gadget so it can read an accurate temperature and operate your HVAC system properly.

Note: There are other reasons why the device reads a higher ambient temperature, for example, when placed closer to the kitchen.

Solution 4: Update Your Amazon Thermostat.

When your thermostat isn’t heating your home or operating the HVAC properly, it could be due to an error in the software that runs the device. The solution here is to update the thermostat firmware.

So make sure that your thermostat is running on the latest firmware.

You need to make sure your thermostat is connected to Wifi in order to download the new firmware (check this article if the gadget is facing connectivity issues).

Solution 5: Reset Your Thermostat.

The next solution I suggest is to reset your Amazon Thermostat, this trick can solve software errors.

The only drawback of this tip is that it will erase all settings and preferences on the device. Here are the steps to follow to reset your thermostat:

  1. On the Smart Thermostat, press the Up Temperature, Down Temperature, and Mode buttons together for 10 seconds until rEs appears on the display.
  2. Press and hold the Mode button for 5 seconds, until the device resets.

Solution 6: Check Your Wiring.

There are multiple wires you need to insert into your Amazon thermostat when you install it the first time.

And you must install them correctly for the thermostat to work properly and avoid electrical shock or damaging your HVAC units.

Note: You can follow this “guide” to insert the wires correctly.

Follow the instructions below to make sure that the device wires are fully inserted:

Important: I prefer hiring an electrician to check if your wires are not damaged or broken and if they transfer power properly.

  1. Turn off power to your thermostat and HVAC system at the circuit breaker to avoid electrical shock (A safety measure).
  2. Pull off the Amazon thermostat from the faceplate.
  3. Check that your wiring connections match the directions in the Alexa app installation instructions.
  4. Make sure that each wire is well connected. To be sure, you can remove and reconnect each wire.
  5. You may need to re-strip and straighten the wire ends so that they can be fully inserted into the Amazon connectors.

Ensure that the C-wire isn’t damaged and it’s connected to your device, this wire provides the thermostat continuous power by connecting it to the HVAC system.

Note: Amazon offers a Power Connector which is a power accessory that may be a simpler and more affordable alternative to a C-wire.

Solution 7: Your HVAC System Needs Maintenance.

Your HVAC system requires periodic maintenance to keep running smoothly and avoid overheating your furnace.

So, when the previous tips didn’t solve your problem and you still notice that the thermostat isn’t heating, it could be a great signal that a maintenance task is needed.

The best solution here is to hire an HVAC specialist to identify problems and replace items that need to be replaced for optimal performance.

Final Words.

Trying the solutions cited in this article should solve your Amazon thermostat heating issues.

But I also suggest hiring a specialist to do maintenance stuff to keep your system running smoothly.

Adam B