Can Amazon Thermostat Work Without Wifi?

Amazon Thermostat
Amazon Thermostat

It is clear that this Amazon Thermostat requires an internet connection for you to enjoy all its features such as remote control, energy consumption monitoring, etc.

However, many people wonder if they can use it without the Internet.

The short answer is yes, it can operate without the internet as it doesn’t rely entirely on a Wifi connection to do all its work.

But the functionalities will be limited and many smart features will disappear and the thermostat control can be done only from its screen.

In the following chapters, I’ll show you which features will continue to work and which will stop working when the Internet goes away.

Amazon Thermostat Features That Won’t Work Without Internet.

As I mentioned earlier many functions will disappear if the Amazon thermostat doesn’t get the internet from your home Wifi, and in this section, I’ll talk more about them.

Control Via The App.

The Alexa app is where we set up the Amazon Thermostat and it’s the platform we use to manage this gadget remotely.

This mobile app allows us to track energy consumption, change the temperature remotely, adjust device settings and much more.

All of these features will be gone and the user won’t be able to manage the thermostat from the app when the internet is down as both parties depend on Wifi to communicate with each other.

Voice Control.

Controlling this thermostat via your voice using an Alexa built-in device such as Echo Dot can be the choice of many people who don’t want to use the app.

Controlling this device via your voice makes it easier to use, but unfortunately, this feature can only work when the internet is available and disappears once the network is down.

Receiving Notification.

You can set the Amazon thermostat to send you notifications to your smartphone to remind you about replacing the air filters in your house.

This feature allows you to keep your system running efficiently and prevent blockage, which will boost energy efficiency and reduce your utility bills.

Receiving these types of alerts on your app is only available when your thermostat is connected to the internet, otherwise, it won’t work.

Automatic Actions.

With Auto Actions, your life can be simplified as Alexa will adjust the temperature for you, when it has a hunch that you are sleeping or out of the house.

Again, this feature requires an internet connection to track where you are and adjust the temperature accordingly.

Set New Schedules.

Another feature that requires the presence of the Internet is the creation of new schedules.

When the network goes down the Amazon thermostat continues to work with the old schedule and you won’t be able to set a new one until the internet is back.

Update The Device.

The company regularly releases new updates and it’s important to update your device to get new features, fix bugs, and avoid software issues.

As you know updating the thermostat requires it to download the new version from the server and it’s a process that requires the internet.

So this is another thing that you can’t do when the thermostat isn’t connected.

Amazon Thermostat Features That Work Without Internet.

In this section, I will lead you through a detailed explanation of how you’re going to benefit from the Amazon thermostat when the internet is down.

Adjust Temperature.

The first thing you can continue to do is adjust the temperature, not remotely from the app but directly from the thermostat screen.

This way, your device will act in the same way as a programmable thermostat.

You can also press the touch zones of the thermostat to change the working mode, you can choose between cooling, heating, fan only or auto.

See Ambient Temperature.

Your thermostat’s built-in temperature sensor will continue to work when there is no internet.

It will determine the ambient temperature level of your home and display it on the device screen. The result will not be displayed on the Alexa app.

Fan Mode.

You will also have the option to turn on the fan when you’re heating or cooling the house.

This feature allows you to reach the desired temperature very quickly, which will significantly reduce your energy bill.

Turn Off The Thermostat.

The last thing you can do from your thermostat when there’s no internet is to simply turn it off.

This will help you turn off the device when you’re leaving the house to not waste energy.


As we have seen in this article, running your Amazon Smart thermostat without the internet will cause it to lose many features.

So I don’t really suggest buying it if you’re planning to use it without the internet.

However, this thermostat can sometimes lose Wifi connection, here’s an article that can help you fix this: “How To Fix Amazon Thermostat Not Connecting To Wifi?”

Adam B