How To Fix Your Ring Solar Panel Not Charging?

Ring Solar Panel
Ring Solar Panel

The Ring solar panel is a good addition to provide a sustainable power source for your Ring cameras, and this can come in handy so that users can keep the camera powered on and avoid frequent unmounting it every time it discharges.

Sometimes, This useful addition may encounter some hiccups that cause it to stop supplying power to the camera, which can cause it to completely discharge and leave your home security vulnerable.

In this article, I’ll walk you through five effective tips to troubleshoot and resolve the problem of your Ring Solar Panel charging issue.

If you’re ready, keep reading in order to find these tips and get your Ring Panel back to work.

5 Ways To Fix Ring Solar Panel Not Charging.

Before we delve into the nitty-gritty, you might wonder why your Ring Solar Panel has stopped charging.

This interruption can result from various factors, such as incorrect placement, a dirty panel surface, surpassing temperature limits, or a problematic USB cable connection.

Solution 1: Check The Panel’s Placement.

Optimal charging hinges on the strategic placement of your solar panel. Here are some best practices you should consider when placing the Ring panel:

  1. Solar Panel Positioning: Guarantee an unobstructed, direct exposure to sunlight. Avoid any hindrances like trees, buildings, or any objects casting shadows on the panel.
  2. Facing the Right Way: Depending on your hemisphere, align the panel to either true south (for the northern hemisphere) or true north (for the southern hemisphere). This positioning maximizes sun exposure.
  3. USB Connection: Make sure the USB cable is properly plugged into your Ring camera to efficiently power your camera as soon as it absorbs sunlight.

Solution 2: Clean The Solar Panel.

As time goes by, the surface of your solar panel may accumulate some dust, dirt, and debris, creating a barrier that diminishes its capacity to absorb sunlight.

This buildup can substantially impede the panel’s efficiency in converting sunlight into electricity, resulting in a decline in the charging capacity of your devices.

Regularly cleaning the panel is highly advisable to prevent the accumulation of dirt, ensuring a consistent power supply to your Ring camera.

For effective cleaning, I recommend using a microfiber cloth—an excellent tool that delicately cleans solar panels without causing any damage to their surface.

Solution 3: Check The Charging Cable.

If you find that the battery isn’t receiving the charge it needs, it’s worth inspecting the cable for any signs of damage or defects.


Because the charging cable is the responsible part for transferring power from the panel to the Ring camera, Without it, the solar panel is useless.

If you see that the cable is chipped or frayed, that is most likely the source of the problem, Unfortunately, this cable isn’t replaceable and you’ll have to buy a new panel.

In cases where there’s no apparent physical damage, my recommendation is to disconnect the cable from the camera, and then reconnect it. This simple action might just be the key to restoring functionality and resuming efficient charging.

Solution 4: Check The Ambient Temperature.

The ambient temperature serves as a crucial determinant for the charging efficiency of your panel. When the temperature exceeds the specified limits for your Ring device, the solar panel faces challenges in effectively charging the camera.

As outlined by Ring, the ambient temperature required for optimal solar panel performance ranges from 5° to 120°F (-20.5°C to 48.5°C).

Ring solar devices require 3 to 4 hours of direct sunlight a day. If the weather is cloudy or you get a lot of snow, this would limit the hours of direct sunlight your device is receiving, which would lessen the charge. Colder temperatures can also cause excessive drain to your lithium-ion battery.

Solution 5: Talk to Customer Support.

If the solutions mentioned in this article do not address your issue, consider reaching out to the Ring customer support team for further assistance.

In the case of a damaged solar panel, replacement options are available for purchase on Amazon or directly through the Ring website.


Finally, I hope the tips mentioned in this post were useful to you, and I invite you to explore additional articles on our website for more insightful articles tailored to enhance your experience with your Ring cameras.

Adam B