YI Camera Not Scanning QR Code? – 6 Things To Do To Fix It.

YI camera
YI camera

Scanning the QR code is one of the steps that you have to do during the process of installing the YI security camera in the YI Home app.

Right after you enter the Wifi password, the app will generate a QR code and ask you to scan it with the YI camera to connect to the network.

It seems easy to do, but many users have complained that their camera isn’t scanning this bar code and they’re wondering why and what to do to fix it.

This is the main reason why I’m writing this article.

In the following sections of this post, you’ll find different solutions that can help you fix this issue and scan the QR code with complete ease.

What To Do When The YI Camera Won’t Scan The QR Code?

The main causes that prevent the camera from scanning the QR code can be a dirty lens, low phone light, being too far or too close to the barcode, or scanning the code from the wrong angle.

If you want a clear and detailed solution to all this, the answer lies in the following chapters.

So keep going.

Solution 1: Increase Your Phone Brightness.

Start by increasing the brightness of the phone screen because the YI camera can’t recognize the details on the QR code if the phone screen is dim.

This can help if you’re trying to scan the QR code in the daylight where the sun bright can affect the camera’s ability to see the barcode.

So all you have to do is increase the screen brightness to its maximum level and then go and test if the device can recognize the code.

Solution 2: Clean The Camera Lens.

The next thing to do if screen brightness wasn’t the root cause of your problem is to clean the camera lens and mobile screen.

As we mentioned before, the YI camera needs to capture all the details that are on the QR code in order to scan it successfully.

So take a soft cloth and a special lens cleaning fluid and clean the lens of any dirt that may obscure the details of the code and stop the scanning process.

Solution 3: Clean Your Mobile Screen.

Another thing that needs to be cleaned is the mobile screen, the screen should be clean and free of any dirt that may obscure the square dots that make up the barcode.

Use a soft clean fabric, preferably a handkerchief or tissue, then add a little quantity of alcohol-based hand sanitizer to the soft cloth and wipe the face of the screen.

If your smartphone screen is cracked, then the wiping process can be more difficult, here is a solution for you if the screen is cracked:

  1. Take a screenshot of the QR code.
  2. Send the screenshot to a family member’s smartphone.
  3. Open the screenshot on his phone.
  4. Use your YI cam to scan the code.

Another solution: You can also print the QR code screenshot and then scan it with your YI camera.

Solution 4: Respect The Distance.

To scan the code successfully, the distance between the YI camera and the QR code must be respected and this distance varies according to the size of the barcode.

The distance-to-size relationship between your camera and its targeted QR code is 10:1. This means that a 1-inch square QR code requires the phone to be 10 inches away.

That means you have to be closer if you scan it on a small screen and be farther if you do it on a big screen.

Solution 5: Check Your Position.

In addition to keeping an appropriate distance between the QR code and the camera, you also need to be in a good position to capture it correctly.

Being in a good position requires keeping the camera lens directly and parallel to the QR code and making sure the code is in the center of the screen.

Also, make sure that your shadow doesn’t appear on the phone screen as this may prevent fine details of the QR code from being captured by the camera.

Solution 6: Contact The Customer Support.

The last thing you can do in case the previous tips didn’t solve your problem and the YI camera is still not able to scan the QR code is to contact customer support.

The customer support team can give you more information and tell you if the problem is temporary and it’s affecting all users or only you.


Finally, I hope the solutions and tips discussed in this article were helpful for you and made your YI Smart Camera scan the QR code.

You can always visit our website to read more articles and learn more troubleshooting tips related to your YI camera.

Adam B