Geeni Camera Won’t Scan QR Code (5 Tips To Fix It).

When connecting your Geeni camera to Wifi, a QR needs to be scanned and this process can happen with many other cameras from other brands and it is considered something normal.

But many users who own the Geeni cam report that the camera does not scan the QR code and they don’t understand why or how to fix this problem.

Without scanning the QR code, your camera will not be able to connect to Wifi and therefore it cannot work or be controlled and managed through the app or voice assistant, so our goal in this post is to show you how to handle this issue.

5 Ways To Fix Geeni Camera Not Scanning The QR Code.

There are some tips and tricks that you can try when your Geeni cam isn’t scanning the QR code and the following sections will be about these tips so keep reading.

One: Adjust mobile brightness.

Maintaining balanced mobile brightness will allow the camera to successfully detect and scan the QR code.

Some people tell you that you should boost the brightness to the maximum, what I recommend is to increase it gradually and test if the camera can detect the code.

If adjusting the brightness didn’t solve the issue and the cam is sending the same error try the next solution.

Two: Clean The Lens & The Phone’s screen.

Cleaning the lens is crucial to be able to scan the QR code, if you notice that the Geeni camera lens is dirty that could be the reason why the code cannot be scanned (Use a tissue or soft cloth to clean the lens).

The piece of plastic that acts as a protective layer to prevent the lens from being damaged also needs to be removed to allow the cam to have a clear view.

After cleaning the lens, I also recommend cleaning the mobile screen, as a dirty display may obscure some details of the QR code which makes the scanning impossible.

Three: Respect The Distance & QR Code Lifespan.

It’s impossible to scan the QR code while your cam is so far away from it, Try holding your Geeni cam about 30 cm (1 foot) away and slowly moving it towards the QR code.

The distance will vary depending on the size of the screen (The code on a tablet and smartphone aren’t scanned at the same distance), When you’re moving the camera to scan the code hold still at the new distance for 5 seconds to give it the time to focus at the new distance.

The lifetime of the QR code is also important because once the code expires, it cannot be successfully scanned and you will need to generate a new one to connect your Geeni camera.

Four: Track your shadow.

Make sure your shadow is not reflected on the phone screen as it will prevent the camera from detecting the QR code clearly.

The shadow issue often occurs when the room where you are scanning the code is full of sunshine, so try scanning the code in a darker room.

Note: Your Geeni cam may have found it difficult scanning the code if it’s tilted at an angle, so ensure that it’s level with the surface that the code is printed on.

Five: Reset The Geeni Camera.

A factory reset may be the last solution if all the previous ones failed to fix the problem, resetting your Geeni camera will give it a fresh start and may fix any bugs that may prevent the QR code from being scanned.

You can try to power cycle the camera before resetting it as this process can also be a solution for this problem and contrary to a factory reset a power cycle will not delete your settings and preferences.

The Bottom Line.

So these were the solutions that you can implement if your Genni Camera isn’t scanning the QR code if the tips cited in this article didn’t solve your issue you can contact technical support for further solutions.


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