Can I Use Eufy RoboVac Without Wifi?

Many of our smart home devices these days rely on Wi-Fi to perform their tasks and provide you with all of their existing functionality.

This puts a lot of pressure on your home Wi-Fi, which can slow down the speed and trigger radio wave interference. Also, a large part of the gadget’s features may not work when the Internet is down.

So a lot of people are buying hybrid products that can work with and without Wifi, and one of the most asked questions when it comes to smart home appliances is in the category of vacuum cleaners, people are asking if they can use the Eufy RoboVac without Wi-Fi.

Bounce Series Eufy WiFi-enabled RoboVacs, such as the 15C MAX, 30C, and 30C Max can be controlled via the remote instead of your smartphone when there’s no Wifi.

The L and G Series can also be managed from the button on the top of the robot to simply start, pause and recharge the RoboVac.

So we know that Eufy RoboVac can work without Wifi, but let me tell you that when you use it without Wifi, a lot of features that increase convenience and enhance device performance will disappear, so I don’t recommend using it without the internet.

Eufy RoboVac Features That Will Not Work When There Is No Wifi.

As mentioned before, a lot of Eufy RoboVac features will disappear when Wifi goes down and in the following sections we will talk about them in more detail, so you can decide if they’re important for you.

One: Remote Control From The app.

The Eufy Robot vacuum can be controlled from its own app called Eufy Home app that you can download from the Play Store or App Store on your smartphone or tablet.

The app will give you the ability to control and run the RoboVac from anywhere on the planet which is useful as you can clean the floor even when you’re outside or at the office.

Unfortunately, this app will work only when your robot and your mobile are connected to the internet and the feature stop functioning once the Wifi is cut off.

Two: Voice Control.

The second function that will not operate when the internet is down is the voice control feature, the Eufy RoboVac is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant allowing you to control it only with your voice using some simple voice commands.

Alexa & Google Assistant are the most popular voice assistant in the smart home industry and some people are buying the Eufy RoboVac especially to get this feature so if you’re one of them you need to know that the function requires an internet connection.

Three: Set Cleaning Schedule.

The schedule allows you to customize a cleaning routine that suits you, simply set the Eufy RoboVac to automatically clean on specific hours, days, and all that via your smartphone, this option will allow you to select multiple days and ensure your floors are always spotless.

The schedule needs to be set on the Eufy Home app, Google Assistant and Alexa if the robot is integrated with these third-party apps, but as you know all of these apps rely on an internet connection, so you need to be connected to set the schedule.

Four: Receive Notifications.

The Eufy RoboVac can send you different types of notifications, for example when a scheduled cleaning starts and when it is finished, the robot also alerts you when the battery is below 20%.

These notifications and alerts can reach your smartphone or tablet only when the robot and app are connected to the internet, and the feature is lost when Wifi is down.

Five: Set Virtual Boundaries.

You can set virtual boundaries to prevent the robot from cleaning certain places such as your child’s playground or your pet’s bed, and more.

The same as previous features the virtual boundaries are also set on the Eufy Home app so you need to be connected to the internet in order to create a boundary.

Eufy RoboVac Feature That Continues To Work Without Wifi.

Now let’s explore what will continue to work when the Eufy Robovac loses the internet connection.

One: Start & Stop The RoboVac.

Without the Internet, you can start & stop the Eufy RoboVac directly from the button at the top of the robot vacuum or you can use the remote that is available for the Bounce series.

Two: Recharge The RoboVac.

You can also press the button with the plug icon to return the robot automatically to the charging base, this feature doesn’t require the RoboVac to be connected.

Final Words.

The Eufy RoboVac has a lot to offer to homeowners but using it without the Wifi will decrease its performance as a lot of important features will stop working so I highly recommend using the RoboVac but with the presence of the internet.

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