Arlo Won’t Scan QR Code (Here’s How To Fix It).


Setting up the Arlo camera and doorbell on the Arlo Secure app is a multi-step process and one of them involves scanning the QR code generated by the app.

All you have to do is hold the camera about four to six inches away from the QR code displayed in the app, and it’ll automatically scan it.

You’ll hear a chime from the device once the code has been successfully scanned, but for some users, the cam can’t scan it, so they’re wondering why.

If you’re one of those who find it hard to scan the QR code, then this article is for you as I’ll show you everything you need to do to make it work.

How To Fix Arlo Camera and Doorbell Not Scanning The QR code?

What we are going to show you are different tips that you can try when your Arlo device is not scanning the barcode displayed by the app.

Important: The tips and tricks I’ll be providing apply to both the Arlo doorbell and the camera.

Tip 1: Increase Your Smartphone Brightness.

If the device is having trouble scanning the code, try increasing the mobile brightness, as the Arlo cam has trouble recognizing QR code dots on a dim screen.

This trick can be useful especially if you’re outside where the sun’s brightness is at its maximum which affects your ability to see the barcode.

So what I recommend is to increase the mobile brightness gradually and test if the device can recognize the code.

Tip 2: Clean The Mobile Screen & Camera Lens.

If increasing the mobile screen brightness hasn’t moved the needle, then I recommend taking a look at the screen to see if there’s any dirt on it.

If you see dirt, be sure to clean it using a microfiber cloth, as dirt can hide small QR code dots that must be scanned.

I also recommend cleaning the camera lens of any dirt that may be on it, so make sure to clean your lens of anything that might obscure code details.

Use a soft cloth and special lens cleaning fluid to avoid any scratches that may damage your lens.

Also, remove the piece of plastic that is on the lens as it may degrade image quality and prevent the barcode from being read.

Tip 3: Respect The Distance.

The distance is very important in the process of scanning the QR code, Arlo suggests being 6 inches (15 cm) away from the cam, and slowly moving it closer.

If that doesn’t work, try moving it farther away from the camera lens.

The distance varies depending on the QR code size.

You have to be closer if you scan it on a small screen like a phone and be farther if you do it on a big screen like a tablet.

Tip 4: Check The Ambient Lighting.

The environment where you scan the QR code is also important, I don’t suggest scanning the code in a dark room or even in direct sunlight.

The Arlo Camera and Doorbell lack the ability to scan small dots in a dark environment, while direct sunlight will completely hide them.

Also, make sure your shadow doesn’t reflect on the screen as this will prevent the camera from detecting details clearly.

Tip 5: Make Sure You’ve Entered The Right Wifi Credentials.

Before scanning the QR code, the Arlo app asks you to choose your Wifi and enter your network credentials, entering the correct information is mandatory in order to scan the code.

So what you need to do here is restart the setup process in the Arlo Secure app and re-enter your Wifi credentials.

If entering the right Wifi credentials didn’t solve the issue and the Arlo app is sending the same error try the next solution.

Tip 6: Reset Your Arlo Device.

The last solution on this list when the previous decisions didn’t work is to factory reset, this may fix internal issues on your Arlo device and allow you to scan that barcode properly.

Here’s how to reset the Arlo doorbell:

  1. Pick a needle, a paperclip, or the release pin that came with your doorbell.
  2. Find the reset button at the back of the doorbell.
  3. Hold down the reset button for about 15 seconds.
  4. The LED ring around the doorbell button will flash white when it successfully begins the reset process.

And here’s how to reset the Arlo camera:

  1. Unmount your camera and find the sync button.
  2. If you have Pro 3, Pro 4, Floodlight, Ultra and Go 2 models, Release the camera from the camera housing to access the sync button.
  3. If you have Essential Wire-Free, Pro, Pro2, and other models, Find the sync button on the camera housing.
  4. Press and hold this button until the camera LED begins blinking amber (blinks 3 times).

Final Words.

That’s all I have for you in terms of possible solutions to get your Arlo camera and doorbell to scan the QR code correctly.

If you want more information about this problem, you can call Arlo Support for more insight into the issue.

Adam B