7 Ways To Fix Shark Robot Vacuum Making A Loud Noise.

The Shark robot vacuum has a lot to offer in terms of comfort and convenience, it can take care of your floor and carpets without your interference, which can be good for people who don’t have the time or the energy to do it manually.

Shark vacuum users have reported that they sometimes hear a loud noise coming from their robot, a louder noise than normal, they feel like the vacuum is screaming.

Usually, the Shark robot makes a soft sound when cleaning floors or a carpet, but if you hear a loud noise that bothers you, it may be a problem within the device itself.

Many things may cause your Shark Vacuum to become noisy including main or side brushes, the problem can also occur from a broken gearbox, a loose or worn out belt or simply the motor isn’t working properly anymore.

Tips To Fix Shark Robot Vacuum Noise.

In the following sections of this article, I will help you repair your Shark vacuum cleaner robot, but to implement these troubleshooting tips you must be a handyman otherwise take your device to a technician to solve this problem.

One: Take A Look On the Side Brushes.

The Shark robot vacuum uses two brushes on the bottom front of the unit, these brushes serve to capture hair, dust, dander and allergens to prevent daily buildup.

When these brushes break, they can be the source of the noise coming from the device, so go and check if the brushes are broken or not.

If they’re broken you can go and replace them with new ones they’re price ranges between 8 to 12 dollars and it’s recommended to replace them every 1-2 months To keep the vacuum running at the best performance.

When choosing the side brushes make sure to select the right one for your vacuum model and buy a high-quality item to maximize the device’s performance.

Two: Check The Main Brush Roll.

The main brush on the Shark vacuum collects debris from both the vacuum path and the side brushes, it can become worn, dirty or clogged with debris over time so the brush may have difficulty spinning, which will reduce its performance and start generating some noise.

If the brush is new I recommend removing it from the vacuum also remove the rubber end cap indicated by the red circle and clean it from all types of hair and dirt.

If the brush is running for a long time here you need to replace it with a new one, it’s Suggested that you change the main robotic vacuum brush every 2 to 3 months to keep the vacuum working with high performance.

Another reason for the noise can be the main brush when it starts moving from side to side as it spins, here you need to make a small wedge inside the vacuum to prevent the roller of the brush from moving.

Three: Replace The Filter.

All hair, dust, and all kind of dirt captured by the Shark Robot Vacuum pass by the filter and then it goes to the dust bin, so over time the filter will become dirty then it will be difficult for dust to pass through and will start making loud noise due to less space.

It is therefore recommended to periodically clean the filter using the cleaning brush to avoid the accumulation of dirt in this part of the device.

it is also recommended to replace the Shark Robot filter every 2-3 months to maintain cleaning performance while reducing the infiltration of dust, pollen and other small particles.

Four: Make Sure The Drive Belt Is In Good Condition.

The Shark Robot Vacuum uses a rubber belt that plays an essential role in running your vacuum systems, it’s used to transfer power from the motor to other parts of the device.

With time, the belt can lose its elasticity, or the teeth inside may corrode, causing the belt to slip and impede the movement of the device. As a result, you may hear an annoying sound coming out of the appliance.

The only solution you have here is to buy a new belt from a retailer and take the gadget to a repairman to have it replaced.

Five: Check The Robot Gearbox.

A gearbox is a mechanical method of transferring energy from part of the vacuum to another (from the electric motor to the brush roll and the wheels) and is used to increase torque while reducing speed. Torque is the power generated through the bending or twisting of a solid material.

Over time and with heavy use of the vacuum, these gears can become damaged, which can cause the gears to slip against each other, resulting in a loud noise.

Sadly, the Shark company doesn’t sell the gears with their replacement items, so people say you have to buy a new robot, something I don’t really recommend.

What I recommend is to go to the repairman and have them get you that item from another old vacuum cleaner, which is better than spending hundreds of dollars on a new one.

Six: Replace The Fan.

The Shark Robot Vacuum uses a fan to avoid overheating, over time this item can accumulate a significant amount of dust which can damage the fan and may be responsible for the strange noise you hear.

You can take the device to an expert so he will inspect the fan’s health, and he will replace it if it’s broken (this item is replaceable and can cost you around 50 dollars).

Seven: The Motor is Failing.

There is more than one motor in the Shark Vacuum, two for the side brushes, two for the wheels, one motor for the brush roller and another one for the main suction.

The performance of these motors can degrade over time which can result in loud noises coming from the machine.

I recommend replacing it if only one or two motors are broken, but if all motors inside the machine are damaged, I recommend buying a new robot because replacing them all will cost you hundreds of dollars.

Final Thoughts.

I hope the article was useful to you, let me tell you that if you have any questions regarding the robot vacuum cleaner, you can read other articles on our website, you can also contact Shark Clean support for replacement if your device is still under warranty.

Adam B