5 Tips To Fix YI Camera Recording Issues.

Many people use the YI Home Camera to secure their home against potential intruders or simply to keep an eye on their pet or children, a task that YI accomplishes perfectly due to its smart features such as remote access ability, 1080P camera resolution, AI detection, cloud storage and more.

Many YI owners reported that sometimes their camera won’t record and they don’t understand why it happens, so we are here to answer that question and also tell you how to resolve it without relying on a professional.

Sudden loss of your recording functions can occur when the camera is turned off, an expired cloud subscription, connectivity failure, SD card issues, or outdated firmware.

Troubleshoot YI recording issues.

Now let’s jump into the solutions that you can try to fix your YI camera recording problem, you can implement the following tips even if you’re not a techie person.

Tip 1: Turn on the YI camera.

In the YI Home app settings, you have the option to switch the camera on or off at any time and when it is off the recording function stops until it is turned on again.

So you need to activate the gadget manually, and here’s how:

  1. Launch YI Home App on your mobile or tablet.
  2. Tap on the gear icon of the camera to access the settings.
  3. On the Settings page, tap the toggle button to turn the camera on.

Important: Make sure that your camera is getting the right amount of power from the wall outlet and that your AC power adapter is working properly.

Tip 2: Renew your cloud subscription.

Many people use the YI cloud service to upload their recordings and this feature helps them store clips and footage in the cloud for up to 30 days and get instant access anytime, anywhere.

For you to access and store footage on their cloud service, you have to pay a yearly subscription that can cost you around 40 dollars and when the subscription is expired, the camera cannot save the recordings.

So, if your subscription has expired, make sure to renew it to fix YI camera recording issues.

Tip 3: Fix connectivity issues.

YI cameras depend on a stable internet connection to upload videos to the cloud and save recordings for you to watch remotely from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

So we understand that connectivity issues can be the root of your recording problems and the solution is to fix your connection by restarting or resetting your router, extending Wifi signals to let them reach the camera, or reducing radio interference.

Here’s a detailed article about how to solve YI connection problems: “7 Tips To Fix YI Camera Connectivity Issues”

Tip 4: Troubleshoot your micro SD card.

For people who rely on local storage to save their recordings, the problem may be with their SD card, Many things may damage your SD card including improper use, malware, accumulated bad sectors, manufacturing defects, and physical damage.

So make sure that your SD card is not damaged and put it on your computer to see if it’s working properly, and also ensure that you are using an SD card with a minimum of 4GB and above (The company recommends using a card that’s class 10 and above).

If all the criteria are met and your camera still cannot record, try formatting it using the following steps:

  1. Open the YI Home app.
  2. Tap into camera live view.
  3. Then click on settings.
  4. Scroll down to Storage and tap MicroSD card.
  5. Click on Format SD card.

Tip 5: Reset the camera.

If you have tried to troubleshoot connectivity issues, renew the cloud, or repair the SD card and the camera still has the same problem and the recording task is impossible to perform, go and reset your device.

A factory reset may fix your problem, but keep in mind that it will delete all your settings and old footage and clips stored in the cloud or on your SD card.

Here’s how to reset the YI camera 1st generation:

  1. Press the reset button.
  2. Wait until the yellow light switches on and you hear “Reset is successful”.

And here’s how to reset the YI camera 2nd generation:

  1. Remove the back cover.
  2. Press and hold the reset button until you’ll hear “Reset is successful”.

Why YI camera is not recording sound?

Sometimes people find that their camera is recording clips but without sounds and they cannot hear what people are saying, this problem occurs when you’re not activating the microphone on your YI Home app settings.

Here’s how to activate the sound feature:

  1. Open the camera settings.
  2. Go to the settings of the camera you want to modify.
  3. Tap on Camera Settings.
  4. Then toggle the Camera Microphone to enable.

Final Thoughts.

Generally speaking, one of the solutions provided above will solve your problem and if not, you can always contact YI customer support to find out more about what is happening with your YI camera.

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