Eufy Camera Not Recording? (Here are 10 Easy Solutions.)

Eufy camera is used by many homeowners to secure their property and catch potential intruders, a task that can be done easily by this device due to its features like 365 days battery life, 1080p video resolution, night vision, motion detection and more.

Like any smart home device, the Eufy camera can sometimes run into issues and the problem that many people complain about is that the camera is not recording.

This problem can occur for many reasons such as low camera battery, disabled recording option, network connectivity issues, too low motion detection sensitivity, damaged SD card or outdated firmware.

Tips To Troubleshoot Eufy Camera Not Recording.

We know that there are many reasons why your Eufy camera cannot record events and in the following chapters, I will guide you through the solutions that you can use to fix this issue.

Tip 1: Check the camera battery.

The Eufy camera relies on a lithium-ion battery to get the power it needs to operate and perform tasks like sending notifications, detecting motion, and recording events.

When the battery runs out, your camera will run out of power and automatically stop recording, so what you need here to get your camera to record again is to recharge your battery.

You can follow these steps to check the level of your battery:

  1. Open the Eufy Security App on your mobile or tablet.
  2. Go to your camera’s settings.
  3. Scroll down and tap on Power Manager.
  4. From here you can see the level of your camera’s battery.

Tip 2: Update the firmware.

Firmware is important for the Eufy camera to work and perform the tasks for which it was designed. In other words, it is the responsible part of running the device.

So if you’re running your cam on outdated firmware many problems will occur and the recording issue is one of them.

So make sure to update it in order to fix bugs and issues that may ruin the camera and decrease its performance and get your device to record again.

Note: All you have to do to update your Eufy cam is connect it to the internet and it will upgrade the firmware automatically in the wee hours. If the automatic update fails, please just wait another 24 hours.

Tip 3: Turn ON the recording feature.

Maybe the problem is not as big as you imagine and your Eufy camera is not recording just because the recording function is disabled on the “Eufy Security App”, if so, you must enable this feature to allow your camera to record events.

All you need to do to activate the recording option is to go to your camera’s settings, and then turn on your camera to allow it to record.

Tip 4: Fix connectivity issues.

The Eufy camera relies on an internet connection to send you notifications to your smartphone when motion is detected so you can access the app and view recorded events.

When the camera has connectivity issues, you do not get this type of alert, so you conclude that the camera is not recording and that is wrong and the problem is in your network not in your device.

These are some tips that you can use to fix your connectivity issues:

  1. Reboot the router and power cycle the camera.
  2. Improve Wifi Strength.
  3. Reduce Wifi interference.
  4. Connect to the 2.4GHz channel.
  5. Update the router firmware.
  6. Reset the router.

Tip 5: Increase motion detection sensitivity level.

Motion Sensitivity determines how drastic a change in the camera view must be to trigger a clip and allow the camera to record. When the motion sensitivity level is too low, your camera will not record and this may be the source of your problem.

So here I recommend going to the camera settings on the Eufy app and then going to the Motion Sensitivity feature and increasing its level, I don’t recommend setting the sensitivity level too high in order to avoid receiving false alerts.

Tip 6: Power cycle the Eufy cam.

Power cycling your Eufy camera is also a good thing to try when it’s not recording because this troubleshooting tip can fix crashes and get your device to record without any problem.

To power cycle the camera you need to cut power from getting to the device and wait for a few seconds and then you can turn the power back on, you can contact customer support and they help you implement this tip properly.

Tip 7: Reset the Eufy cam.

A factory reset is a soft restore of your Eufy camera to its original system state by erasing all information stored on the device, this process is considered excellent for fixing any issue that a gadget may be facing, it is good to try it when your camera is not recording.

To reset Eufy indoor/outdoor cameras, press and hold the Sync button for 10 seconds until you hear two beeps. The Sync button is usually located at the back of the device. The camera will be restored to its default settings.

Tip 8: Check the Eufy cam ambient temperature.

The Eufy Cam is operational outdoors in temperatures ranging from -4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C). If the temperature is below -4°F (-20°C), the chemical activity of the battery is reduced, resulting in lower battery levels and shorter battery life.

When the temperature exceeds the limits, your camera will not work properly and its performance will be reduced, which may be the root cause of the recording problem.

So make sure that your device is in an environment where the temperature is within limits.

Tip 9: Replace the SD card.

The SD card is where your Eufy camera will store recorded clips and then you can access the card to watch all the footage remotely from your smartphone or tablet.

If the SD card is damaged your cam will not find the place where to store the recorded clips so everything will be lost and you can’t watch what’s happened inside or outside your house. So you can replace your SD card with a new one to allow your camera to record again.

Tip 10: Contact technical support.

If you have tried all the solutions mentioned above and none of them worked for you, I recommend that you contact customer support to offer you personalized assistance.


Finally, I hope you found what you wanted in this article and the solutions mentioned above were helpful for you, you can also read other articles to get more information about Eufy Smart Camera.

Adam B